David Urrego Higuita



David Alexander Urrego Higuita
Research and Development Engineer

Title: Bioengineer
Office: University of Antioquia, Laboratory 20-229
Phone: 57 321-605-58-34
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


David received the B.Sc degree in Bioengineering (2012) by the Universidad de Antioquia (UdeA) and he is coursing the Master in Management of Science, Technology and Innovation in the Universidad de Antioquia. David is working like a Young researcher Colciencias (Joven Investigador Colciencias) in the Bioinstrumentation an Clinical Engineering Research Group (GIBIC)

Research Areas

  • Clinical Engineering, Bioinstrumentation, Management of Innovation

Recent Publications

  • A. M. Hernández, M. B. Salazar, D. A. Urrego, R. Costa, and M. A. Mañanas, “Virtual laboratory for simulation and learning of cardiovascular system function in BME studies,” Revista Facultad de Ingeniería Universidad de Antioquia, vol. 60, pp. 206–213, 2011.
  • D. A. Urrego, M. B. Salazar, S. L. Arias, J. E. Ardila, J. D. Lemos, and A. M. Hernández, “Prototipo de Medidor Metabólico Portátil para Aplicaciones en Antropología Biológica y Ecología Humana,” in V Latin American Congress on Biomedical Engineering CLAIB 2011May 16th-21st, 2011, Habana, Cuba, 2011.
  • J. E. Duque, A. Múnera, D. Trujillo, D. A. Urrego, and A. M. Hernandez, “System for Processing and Simulation of Brain Signals,” in Communications, 2009. LATINCOM ’09. IEEE Latin-American Conference on, 2009, pp. 1–6.
  • J. E. Duque, D. Trujillo, A. Múnera, D. A. Urrego, and A. M. Hernandez, “BrainSigLab: laboratorio virtual para el procesamiento y la simulación de señales de origen cerebral,” in Quinto Seminario Internacional de Ingeniería Biomédica (SIB) y V Seminario Internacional de Procesamiento y Análisis de Imágenes Médicas (SIPAIM), 2009.