Juan Camilo Guerrero Valencia



Juan Camilo Guerrero Valencia
MSc student

Title: Bioengineer
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Current activity

Juan Camilo Guerrero received his Bachelor’s degree in bioengineering from Universidad de Antioquia (2013) while working in biomedical equipment management in hospitals in the region in order to promote accreditation. Also has worked in technical positions as a field support with PACS systems. Nowadays he is a candidate for a M.Sc. degree in clinical engineering, working as a research and development engineer with GIBIC in the clinical engineering division for the assessment of biomedical technology and the advising to developers of health technology over the market and regulatory processes with the Health Technologies Management Center.


  • Bioengineering in Universidad de Antioquia (2005-2012).
  • Master in Engineering with clinical engineering emphasis - Universidad de Antioquia (2014 - Today).

Research Areas

  • Clinical Engineering, medical device assessment, medical device regulatory processes and compliance.

Recent Publications

  • J. C. Guerrero and H. García, “Study of the Evaluation Process of Class II Devices in the United States and the Relation with the Origin and Preparation of the Manufacturers,” Rev. Ing. Biomédica, vol. 9, no. 18, 2015.