Simulator of Laparoscopy   Simulator of Neurosurgery
 Simulator of odontology Simulator of cardiorespiratory functions 


Simulator of Laparoscopy

The surgical simulator Surgical Science is a system for training and simulation of different types of laparoscopic surgery based on virtual reality techniques. It includes simulation modules for training in procedures such as cholecystectomy, appendectomy, advanced suture anastomosis, gynecology, hysterectomy.

Simulator of Neurosurgery

Neurosurgery is a broad medical specialty and from the surgical point of view, covers the treatment of patients with a wide variety of diseases of the nervous system. Performing neurosurgical procedures then a challenge for surgeons, because for any such intervention a sense of three-dimensional spatial perception of diagnostic imaging and brain anatomy of the patient is required in addition to proper handling of instruments Surgical.

Simulator of Odontology

Dental procedures require adequate training of specialists in order to avoid errors in the procedures they perform, in the case of the application of anesthesia special skills are required to carry it out correctly.

Simulator of cardiorespiratory functions

The simulator cardiovascular and respiratory function is an application developed for mobile devices and the iOS platform which aims to consolidate the user knowledge of the cardiovascular and respiratory physiology interactively.

Red code simulator

System for red code training that combines both hardware and software and is intended to consolidate the user knowledge and have the opportunity to practice the training code red. This system is mainly aimed at training health care professionals and other personnel area, it is operating a dummy core to simulate different states of the patient.

MV Trainer 2

Critical care simulator is an application developed in Matlab / Simulink R2014b to evaluate the ventilatory response of respiratory patients under mechanical ventilation. He is a coach of mechanical ventilation including the complex interaction between the respiratory system and a mechanical ventilator last generation.